by joshuaconti

its not in the worry that we find ourselves drowning in our own self pity. its in the waiting. the waiting for something to change. the waiting for life to get better. its not the worry, its not the decisions. its waiting. waiting is the true test of who we are. waiting causes us to overthink a decision. to overthink what got us here in the first place. to overreact.

so, what are you waiting on? a check in the mail, a text from a friend, a call back from that promising  job interview. a file to download, a sun to rise, a sun to set, a life to begin again.

waiting. the hardest thing to do. hard to do when theres internet on everything. when your kids are climbing all over you like hikers on mt everest. when the end of the month comes too quickly. when that frozen pizza calls for 20 minutes in the oven. when your iphone battery is at 1% and charging and the taxi is waiting outside.
but waiting is life’s ultimate challenge. waiting will question who you are and the decisions you made. and you are going to want to respond. DONT. the greatest response to waiting, is to wait waiting out. beat it at its own game. practice the lost virtuous art of patience.

patience. be still. know. rest. dont overthink.

but be ready. be ready. the waiting will be over soon.