hindsight: the direction your buttocks face

by joshuaconti

An open letter to myself.

In the wake of an incomprehensibly massive disaster aptly or inaptly named Sandy, the coming days will be visited by journalistic, personal and authoritative hindsight to see what could have, should have, needed to be done. Sadly though, hindsight is just that, hindsight. Looking in the direction your buttocks face. What a view.

They say “hindsight is 20/20”. And this is very true. Its easy to rely on hindsight- to look back on what you just done or whats just happened and go “yeah… i should have done this instead of that” or “you know, that was not the best decision after all…” etc. But sadly, its impossible to walk backwards for too long before falling over.

You were designed to walk forward. To look forward. To take on whatever is ahead. To go. To do. To love. To be. And so, you get in your own way by constantly trying to do move ahead while still relying on hindsight to look back at what you should have done – and this way of living surely cant be sustainable.

This act of keeping your hindsight clear, focused in 20/20 and trying to also focus of whats ahead of you is not working. WHAT IF YOU GAVE UP ON RELYING ON HINDSIGHT AND MADE DECISIONS RIGHT NOW THAT YOU WILL HAVE NO REASON TO REGRET WHEN THEY PASS INTO HISTORY?

Their are thousands of stories coming out of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy where thousands of people performed thousands of acts of selflessness. These people will never need to rely hindsight to keep on living. They know that they are doing right now is right and good and decent. There are no regrets that come with doing that.

Hindsight is real. Its fraught with guilt and dispair. Its the ultimate speed bump on your road to doing more and being more.

Choose to make decisions today, right now, in this moment that will never rely on hindsight. FORGET WHAT IS BEHIND. LOOK FORWARD.