a vision for two thousand thirteen.

by joshuaconti

“I think as photographers we get in a rhythm of playing by rules that were written by others. I feel this applies to life as well. To live by rules that were created by others we may never find out who we really are.” -Ian Ruhter

Find a new angle. Find a new perspective. These two thoughts come to mind when i review all the pictures I’ve shot over this past year. I think this is my heart telling me these things. I haven’t listened to my heart alot this last year. More so listened to everyone around me instead. I’m glad I’ve noticed this before 2013 comes into view.

So what is my vision for 2013? I think for me, that in 2013, its going to be the year that I simply just give up on trying to follow the norm, the rules and follow my heart instead.  I don’t know what this all means yet for me, my family, my job and my life but I do know it means change. And change is the only constant. If I don’t change my life now, life will change my now for me.

In postscript, I also am setting a vision for my love of photography. It is quite simple: The evil in our world seeks to permanently cover up the good in our world. Find the good. Uncover it. Make it known. No longer will it just be something fun to make side money with or just take pictures with, it will be a tool I use to tell the story of good in the world.

-Joshua on December nineteenth, two thousand and twelve