rushing to conclusions

the vernacular conjugation of one joshua conti

flipping the script.

Ever watched a movie and found yourself saying things like “this is so scripted” and “this is entirely predictable”? The transparent way the actors clearly read their lines verbatim without inflection or emotion and the way the scenes look too perfect and/or cheaply put together- the lack of sincerity and thought in the movie helping to create an environment of unbelievableness.

Movies like these help make it easy for us to believe that real life is entirely unscripted. That the fake scenarios on the screen dont even get close to replicating actual scenes from everyday life.

But they do.

Your life is probably more scripted than you think. Your presentation of who you are too perfect or too cheap. We dont hide behind masks or false pretensions so much as much as we hide behind scripts.

Me: so, how are you doing today?
You: good.
Me: how is work going?
You: another day, another dollar. Its ok.
Me: everything ok at home?
You: yep. Nothing to complain about. Family is fine. How are you doing?
Me: good.
You: hows life going these days?
Me: good.
You: looking forward to the weekend?
Me: yep.
You: doing anything?
Me: oh just alot of chilling out, maxin, relaxin, all cool. you know, being awesome.
You: for sure.
Me: alright, got to get back to (insert whatever it is i need or dont need to do that is somehow more important than this conversation here.)
You: ok cool. see you later.
Me: be good!

And thus, the script has been read. Our real life transaction entirely scripted, every answer predictable, every thought already thought. This happens everyday. We’re all guilty of it.

So then, how do we flip these scripts?



the very thing you are wishing you had right now is the very thing you will wish you did not have after you finally have it.



the only fear you should fear is the fear of not being able to control everything you cannot control.

we’re doing it wrong.

if the sway of votes for a candidate is based solely off of how tired or how energized he/she looked during the course of just one single debate… we’re doing it wrong.


its not in the worry that we find ourselves drowning in our own self pity. its in the waiting. the waiting for something to change. the waiting for life to get better. its not the worry, its not the decisions. its waiting. waiting is the true test of who we are. waiting causes us to overthink a decision. to overthink what got us here in the first place. to overreact.

so, what are you waiting on? a check in the mail, a text from a friend, a call back from that promising  job interview. a file to download, a sun to rise, a sun to set, a life to begin again.

waiting. the hardest thing to do. hard to do when theres internet on everything. when your kids are climbing all over you like hikers on mt everest. when the end of the month comes too quickly. when that frozen pizza calls for 20 minutes in the oven. when your iphone battery is at 1% and charging and the taxi is waiting outside.
but waiting is life’s ultimate challenge. waiting will question who you are and the decisions you made. and you are going to want to respond. DONT. the greatest response to waiting, is to wait waiting out. beat it at its own game. practice the lost virtuous art of patience.

patience. be still. know. rest. dont overthink.

but be ready. be ready. the waiting will be over soon.

its not about the camera, its about the perspective.